A “Diwali Gift” spoiled every festival of thousands of families in last one year all over India.

This is a feedback to an article in Mail Today daily dated 20th dec’07 with the heading ‘ Architects of Act on Domestic Violence caught in a Cat fight”.
The hurry of giving a “Diwali Gift” last year for an additional women vote bank in favour of Renuka Chowdhary has actually soured every festival of thousands of families in last one year all over India .
The main catfight is over the review of DV Act by a panel of lawyers. The very first questions which surfaces are:
Why the panel of lawyers?
Why not a panel of retired judges?
Why especially a panel of only women lawyers?
At a time when judicial accountability of judges is being questioned leading to the drafting of Judicial Accountability Bill, what is the credibility of a group of lawyers?
The situation at present looks like a Crocodile is asking a Fox to plan a strategy on “How a heard of poor deers could be saved from lions?” Neither the Mogli (refer Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book) nor the deer’s opinion being sought. Why a fox would like to save deers from lions? After all the fox survives on the remains of fight between lion and deer?
Let me tell you first the result of this review of the said act in advance. It will only result in the change of the section which defines the meaning of a “Shared household”. Rest all will come out as same. The sole purpose of enactment of DV act was to provide unscrupulous women with a legal weapon so that they could easily grab the house of their In-laws or husband. But after the pronouncement of “Batra Vs Batra” judgment by the apex court clearly interpreting the meaning of a “Shared Household”, the feminists are up with the arms.
Let’s assume after this review of the Domestic Violence Act and Re-definition of “Shared Household” the apex court in any of its future judgment comes with Re-interprets of such definition again? Will this definition will again be reviewed by the Ministry of Women and Child welfare, may be in year 2008 itself?
How could poor Indian citizen bear with such a Trial and Error methodology in framing laws and their reviews?
Will the UPA or Honb’le Chief Justice of India or our Law Ministry interfere?
Even after this judgement by the Apex court more judgments from various High Courts and even session courts came out from all over India , year 2007, interpreting correctly, the various grey areas under the said act. Those judgments were even criticized by the feminists saying they were passed overlooking even the guidelines of the DVAct. But the fact is that those judgments were an attempt to save the basic philosophy of Indian Law and roots of Indian judicial system by the Honbl’e judges. Even some terming the said Act as “A Recipe for Disaster” Domestic Violence Law – A Recipe for Disaster?
The problem is that both the ladies wants to draft the law to their own benefits as it is a matter of their Bread and Butter also.
Indira Jaisingh sees it as an opportunity to draft this act as a ”Low ignition temperature fuel spread in each street of India so that even a slight warmth from a small family friction will lead to a major fire which could be enjoyed by her lawyer fraternity to cook their daily bread”. But the path seems to be not an easy one.
Now after one year of the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act when the results are already out she is afraid of a review of her “Examination test sheets”.
For Renuka chowdhary too, the fruits of the “Enactment and Promotion of Domestic Violence Act”, a populist measure in a hurry, to woe women voters to her benefit, resulted in a bitter taste due to nationwide protests against the said act from people from all walks of life.
As a face saving measure, now Renuka is just trying to repair the damages by pretending to review this act and inviting men on table to talk about domestic violence.
Let’s hope that out of this “Samudra Manthan (churning of sea)”; you called it Cat Fight common man shall only get Nectar not poison as their share.

2 Responses to “A “Diwali Gift” spoiled every festival of thousands of families in last one year all over India.”

  1. ASHISH Says:

    This so called law which protects the women is nothing less than a tool to loot money from the husband. There can be thousand of reason in marital disharmony. I fail to understand why feminist give color of dowry to every family discord .Our law works in such a fashion that it assumes that husband is always at the fault and no investigation is needed to prove allegation against man. The very purpose of 498a and DV act is to loot money from innocent husband whether he and is family is a guilty or not. I hate the feminist’s excuse that women cannot break her own house and she tries to save the family till the end. Are we living in 18 th century. When a women can get her husband murdered with the association of her boy friend why can’t she break her marriage. Come on gone are the days when women were dependent on men. Just look around you. One can easily recognize the presence of women in every walk of life Be it politics,army,banks,lawyers,judges,actress u name it she is there. We cannot believe that women are sati savitri these days that can never lie. There are hundred of cases comes in the news paper where women is caught in illegal activity. No data is maintained by the NCW on the involvement of women in illegal activities it’s a false myth created by feminists that women cannot break marriage. More and more women are coming forward to break their marriages. The women themselves knows about the failure of the marriage and they file false cases just to loot money from the innocent husband .How ridiculous it is when it comes to the minister Arjun Singh then Renuka Choudhury comes forward to save Arjun Singh and shamelessly said that it’s a misuse of law why because he is a minister. Is he above the law? Why Renuka Choudhury does not comes forward and save common man who is real victim of this law.Hathi ke daant khane ke aur dikhane ke aur .Why every death of a wife at her in-laws place is considered dowry death. Why our mother and sister is not considered a women when it comes to domestic voilence.Why NCW does not consider the complaint of old mother in law agsnt her daughter in law. Why should not we change the name of National commission for women to National commission for wives and crime against wives cell.
    No mother and sister can come forward to lodge the complaint agnst her own son and brother because they can never file false complaints agnst their own son and brother its only the bad wife who comes forward to lodge false complaint just to loot money from poor husband when she knows that her marriage is failed. Can NCW show us how many complaints have they considered or helped other than daughter in law. I know they cannot give us even one because it’s a National commission for wives. It’s been more than 20 years why these gender biased law failed to curb dowry cases. Why dowry cases are increasing the only answer is the false cases are increasing. Look what happens to dowry cases it ends up paying money to wife. Why there is not single conviction when wife is alive. Why Supreme Court has said that 498a is a legal terrorism. Time and again high court has dismissed 498a cases. I want to ask one simple question can National Commission for women come forward for help my mother and my sister and save them from my wife. Women are crueler when it comes to get even. That is why they are filing more and more false cases such as 498a DV act. Look what happens to these cases they end up paying money by innocent husband, they are quashed or won by husband. Very less conviction. If a husband is a guilty why doesn’t he gets punishment why does he and his family is forced to pay money to the woman. It’s a clear fact and the agenda of feminists to loot money from poor husband. Making new laws will not help much they have not helped so far .It will add to more chaos in society. It’s is destroying the very purpose of the marriage and dragging us towards the divorce culture of western society. We are not against the women we are against the gender biased laws.

  2. Swap Says:

    Wishing a very happy diwali to every one.

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