Crying wolf: Not in favour of women !

CNN IBN should find out more on the following questions:
1. When did Ms. pandey filed her complaint to the police? I am 100% sure, just after she was removed from her job. If she were courageous enough she could have done that the same day incidence happened. Was she waiting for a “Muhurat”?
2. Now if she had not reported that immidiately her reaction to such harrassment could be like she could have reported it to the HR with the demand of a warning to her senior so that he should refrain himself of doing it again.
What could be the purppose of demanding that that man should not be made her performance manager? Does a company is supposed to obey all their female employees on who should be her boss?
3. Who will decide, Where is the fine line? Can a woman complainant only be allowed to make a judgement in this regard? The same women some time back shared all kind of jokes, emails, pornography etc. but when her request to change her performance manager gets rejected the same emails could be easily used for a professional benefit.
Does the professional environment and socio econiomic status has something to do with any dialog, gesture or conversation weather it is realy an act which is derogatory to the modesty of a woman or just a freindly/general act?
Definetly yes, because high profile professional girls do share even kisses as daily hello too.
4. Can CNN IBN sought the private anoymous opinions of some more female employees at KPMG working under those accused? Otherwise how KPMG could bag an award for “Best workplace for mothers”?
I fear “crying wolf” will deprive women from being even recruited at any workplace. The recruitment of female employees will be nill as it will be very costly for the corporates to maintain female employees:
1. Sexual harassment at workplace bill, coupled with
2. 6 months pregnency leaves (presently its 3 months, reported in
yesterday’s Hindustan Times)
3. Provisions for “Security issues”, like in some southern state of
India, chief minister has banned late night working of women
employees after the rape and death of a BPO employee.

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