Different Stories: same FLOP Actors and Directors !!

Under Domestic Violence Act, filing complaint not a big headache now
filing-complaint-not-a-big-headache-now/251711/The movie and year of release:
1. Dowry prohibition act 1961. (A flop)
2. 498A, year 1983. (A flop)
3. The Commission od Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987. (A flop)
Villan: Every man.
Extras: Parents & relatives of man.
Banners: NCW, CSR, WCD.
Direction/script/music: Indira Jaisingh, Renuks chowdhary, Ranjan Kumari, Girija vyas, kiran walia, brinda karat.
Actors: tehsildar, naib tehsildars, block development officers, police, dowry prohibition officers etc.

New releases: Domestic violence (protection) Act, 2005
Soon to be released: Sexual Harrasment at workplace, 2007.

Critics: The NCW, CSR and WCD banners combine has produces so many
movies but all flops. This time also they are releasing more movies but again with the same flop actors? How much a spectator will be amused to see the same failed actors having a pathetic track record?

In India, in the last 50 years, a number of legislations were enacted to empower an Indian woman and curb the crime against women. But as the govt. record iitself are showing all acts failed to serve the purpose they were enacted for. Why?

From time to time it has been acknowledged by social activists, police, politicians and women organizations that it is not the failure of law but it is the implementation of the law which fails every time.Why the Govt. or NGOs working for empowerment of women are not working for right and easy implementation of these acts. Why the such NGOs or ministry refrain themselves from conducting a study on socio-economic conditions which led to non-reporting of crimes against women?

The fact is that the actors of these so called films, i mean the people who are responsible for the implementation and execution of these acts are not properly sensitized intead they misuse these laws to harras and extort the poor/rural/illiterate women. This is pretty evident from the daily news of cases of

Gang rapes on the order of panchayats,
Sati cases,
Fatwas by local maulvis,
Rape victims being forced to marry the rapist,
Death sentences by local community courts in the elopment cases or
Out of cast marriages,
Witchcraft, etc.
What all these tehsildar, naib tehsildars, block development officers, dowry prohibition officers have been doing all the while for so many years?Illiterate and unpriviledged are not even dare to come to the courts for any kind of relef. On the other hand women in urban areas are misusing such laws encated to protect the women for the extortion of money, hiding adultery, to settle socres with in-laws etc.

Now, the new film has been released, Domestic violence (protection) Act, 2005, and the cast is the same.
But this time its different !!
Yes the script is also a flop this time as its already been called by the film jury as “clumsily drafted”.



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