Family Against Women: How?

Family against woman
A year after the law to protect women from domestic violence was enacted, it continues to be defeated by social prejudice and blindspots.
Humans learns from their past mistakes but very few admits these mistakes. At least Indira jaising is realising that in family matters there is no room for any criminal laws.
But does it actually makes any difference?
The DV act in its present form is more dangerous to innocent men than present criminal laws (498a). What if you strip out a person from all his money and house? Under criminal law at least in jail he will get two meals and a shelter. As the bare reading of this DV Act will make even a layman cautious from his wife fearing extortion from his wife demanding all his hard earned money and house. The other point is, if police is going to be the protection officers under this act, where lies the diffrence between this act and a criminl law?
Agreed, even if the definition of the DV Act was taken from the UN Model Code on domestic violence and from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, to which India is a party, the legilature and the legal lizards should have applied their own mind. In a country where their are different kind of personal laws for each faith/religion, how are you going to enact a law in Hindustan, which is as it is copied from western countries?
Indira jaising have forgotten to mention two important aspects of this law which she may be avoiding here as it would be very difficult for her to answer the questions regarding their imlementation. Those are ‘verbal’ and ’emotional’ abuses. Can india jaisingh discuss and guide the honab’le judiciary, how they should reach their decisions on these forms of domestic abuses?
The publicity of this act that it applies not only to married women but also women in live-in relationships, daughters/mothers facing violence in domestic relationships is totally a drama. The melicious intentions of the so called women activists is pretty evident from the fact that the provision of the “forcefull marriage of a girl by her parents” is not made as a proper section under this law. What prevented the people who drafted this law from writing this provision as a proper section under this act? What a normal woman is supposed to know, if she is in trouble. A victim woman can only buy and read a bare act and if she doesn’t find any provision to her rescue/releif in that act, what’s the use. But the committe has wisely drafted the sections for occupying house, maintenance etc. for wives and prostitutes (live in partners).
Critisism of the temple of justice, India’s apex court, by feminists have become now a days a routine matter as nobody from even the apex court dare to counter their criticism and just bow down to their political powers. But being a lawyer you should have refrain yourself from such unnecesarry remarks.
Agreed, an agreived women needs a shelter but please don’t overlook the fact that even if a woman’s claim is being denied on her in-laws house, her right to residence from her husband is still their. Why to push for the execution of this right to residence for the in-laws house?
A bunch of crooked lawyers, are they above the highest court of law of a democratic country to comment upon its decisions? There were many earlier judgements from the apex court, why the recommnedations in those judgements were not implemnted? The malicious and corrupt motives are more and more evident from the fact that those judgements favourable to men or neutral in order are being immidiately removed from the general public access.
I am not able to understand why this distinction between middle, upper and lower classes of women is not made available anytime while talking about the misuse of the dowry prohibition laws?
Let me tell you my opinion why the working class of women are not using these laws. Working women are not using this law as they got no idle time as you may have heard “An idle brain is a devil’s house” and they don’t have time to even watch the feminist sponsored television soaps.
Freedom from violence in the private domain still remains a distant dream for women in domestic relationships, but it will soon become a reality that so called 21st centuary women will fight for thier dignity and rights. I prey to god, Indian women will learn to:
1. File a DV case against her father/brother if they are not able to provide her the best dress of her choice or restrain her from meeting her boyfriend.
2. File a DV case against her husband and in-laws if they try to mend her ways.
3. File a case againg any person restraining her from her adulterous activities in her husband or live-in partners house and off course she should not forget to throw out the owner of that house.
Thanks to All to read it patiently.

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