“Kyonki Saas Bhee Kabhi To Bahu Thi”

Mansi, a little 4 years old girl was sitting on laps of her mother, confused but aware that her grandmother had died last night. Her grandmother Mrs. Sahay died after prolonged illness. Besides her husband Mr. Sahay, she left behind a joint family consisting of her three sons, three daughter-in-laws and half a dozen grandchildren. Mr. Sahay is a senior citizen retired  from a white color top govt. post.
Suddenly mansi saw 3-4 persons in khaki, talking aggressively to her father and grandfather. Mansi innocently asked her mother
“Mamma, are they Yamadutas?
If they are, aren’t they making a mistake?
Why they are taking away grandpa, its the grandma who actually have died.”
Her mother immidiately put a finger on mansi’s mouth and whispered in her ear, “They are not Yamadutas my angle, they are policemen.”
Police officer: Mr. sahay, you are under arrest on charges of section 304-B.
Mr. Sahay: But we have been married long back and there was not a single dispute in our whole married life. I have a big joint family and we are living happily.
Police officer: You all have to be arrested and the body of the deceased need to be sent for post mortem.
Mr. Sahay: What do you mean by all? She died a natural death.
Police officer: All means, all your sons and daughter-in-laws also.
Then he changed his tone to bollywood style policeman, “Main farz se majboor hun” (i am duty bound, i cant do anything). You all have to come with me, as by law, husband and all her relatives have to be presumed guilty for an offence of dowry death. Are they not your relatives?
Mr. Sahay: But officer, its more than 35 years since our marriage. Arrest, Why?
Police officer: “Kyonki Saas Bhee Kabhi To Bahu Thi”, the officer promptly replied.
Thanks to _NCW_ for their proposal to remove the limit of 7 years on the presumptions in case of dowry death under section 304-B IPC and making it for complete lifetime of a woman.
I would also like to thank the Ministry for Women and Child Welfare (WCD) for all its care. Its support and care for the earning opportunities for the lawyers, policemen and brokers at CAW cells.

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One Response to ““Kyonki Saas Bhee Kabhi To Bahu Thi””

  1. Swarup Sarkar Says:

    Well done blog, hope our law makers will wake up one day and will stop this legal terrorism in india, in the name of so called wodry law, which is nothing but a natakni by women activists to earn more and more money and suck the innocnet people’s blood.
    Well come to SFF’s best blog/websites.

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