This is What Happens When Lawyers Were Given Freedom to Draft a Law!

This is What Happens When Lawyers Were Given Freedom to Draft a Law!
Are there no more prudent retired judges available in the country to draft a law?
What is the credibility of this group called  “Lawyers Collective” lead by Indira Jaisingh who drafted the DV Act, besides its closeness to the Minister for Women and Child Development? Obviously the lawyers will draft any law so that every house would be engaged in multiple litigations and they will keep earning their bread and butter out of that. 
It is not the first time the court has tried to plug the loopholes in a matrimonial law. Several laws have been enacted based on assumtions of year 1860 and earlier that a women is a ‘Devi’ always, so she cannot lie. The result of which is that the 21st century ’empowered’ women abuses these laws to the extent of extortion and to hide all her misdeeds. All the innocent people in the husband’s family have to bear all sorts harrassment upto the point when somebody reaches to the Apex court and then apex court in its ruling gives the correct interpretations to that “clumsily drafted” law.
Why under DV Act it is assumed that a statement of wife as an affidavit is sufficient to prove that a domestic violence has happened?
The answer to this question by radical feminist groups (like lawyers collective or women power connect) would be that it is very difficult for an “Abla Naari” to prove all this in court.
When somebody is not able to prove “something that happened” (only an happening can lead to creation of evidences), why a husband or live-in partner is forced to prove “something that doesn’t happened at all”.

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