Why supreme court is pretending as shocked? There is nothing new !

Why supreme court is pretending as shocked? There is nothing new !
Please refer to the news below:
SC shocked as US Court disregards its order
SC’s shock over nullification of its order by a United States court is a childish reaction just like a kid hides his sweets in his pocket and try to show empty hands with a shocking face.
Judiciary at every level knows that Indian Family Laws are not recognized internationally. Please refer to the below link, one relevent para of which i am reproducing here:
“The conference attended by the Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan,
and eminent legal experts from India discussed among other issues problems
on inter-continental marriages, divorce, maintenance, adoption, child abduction in the event of breakdown of marriages and settlement of property disputes among parting couples due to non-recognition of the verdicts of the Indian courts by foreign countries. It asked the Indian Government to take the initiative to resolve the issues, keeping in view the fast-growing NRI population”
*** due to non-recognition of the verdicts of the Indian courts by foreign countries ***
From the above it can easily be inferred that its not unusual that courts in other
countries are not recognizing verdicts of Indian Courts. The Indian family laws
are so gender biased that foregion courts tend to make their own decisions based on NO BIASEDNESS and NO PRESUMPTION of woman being always a saint.
The travel warnings on US, Canada and various Europian immigration/travel sites is also another example that non recognition of Indian Family laws is a well known fact.
Hundreds of girls have made it their bussiness either to extort money using laws like 498A or for getting a foregion citizenship. Hundreds other every year are abondoning their NRI husbands and denying custody to their children to the poor husbands.
The denial of basic human rights to a Man in Indian courts is not hidden to international community.
Please note here that the “law guardian” of the children has opposed this plea, not the poor father. Even then the Apex court has initiated contempt proceedings against the father to just pressurise him.
A shocking reaction by the apex court is a surprise to me !!

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