Govt offers Rs 1L if girl turns 18: Govt.’s Contribution to Dowry

CHANDIGARH/NEW DELHI: India is getting serious about saving the girl child, both born and unborn. In a serious bid to save the girl child, government has decided to launch a scheme which will provide upto Rs 1.4 lakh each to families of girl child in 10 poorest districts and worst gender ratio in 5 states, including Punjab and Haryana, where female infanticide is rampant.

Union women and child development ministry is giving final shape to the scheme to be be implemented also in Bihar, Orissa amd Jharkhand in collaboration with Life Insurance Corporation.

Nandita Mishra, joint secretary in the union ministry of women and child development, said on Thursday that Rs one lakh will be earmarked for families that guarantee its girls grow up to be 18.

But while Rs one lakh will accrue automatically if the girl child is not married before turning major, her parents can avail of the rest of amount only if they fulfill certain conditions. They will be required not merely to take good care of their daughters but also see to it that they are not forced into marriage before they turn 19 and ensure 80% attendance in school.

Economically weak parents are to get assistance also for registration of her birth, completion of the entire range of immunization and education.

Under the scheme of “Conditional Cash Transfer”, government will provide cash transfers on conditions, such as Rs 5,000 at birth and registration of the girl; Rs 500 after every three months for immunization; Rs 2,500 at the time of enrolling in school; and Rs 1,000 every year till completion of primary school; Rs 5,000 at time of enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till completion of elementary school and Rs 7,500 for enrolment and Rs 1,500 every year till completion of secondary and higher secondary of the girl; and cash transfer for remaining unmarried at the age of 18 years.

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