Surat girls play ‘adult games’

Chirantana Bhatt
Thursday, January 17, 2008  23:59 IST

Gigolos say married women look for fun on the side

SURAT: He visits Bangkok for business but is not an executive. He entertains clients at venues of their choice. The entertainer is Aakash Chaudhary (name changed), a gigolo.

Chaudhary has been in the business for the last nine years. He has been serving in the traffic department for the last 10  years. Asked how he took up the career, he said: “It all began in jest. I used to stand on duty at a crossroad in the Citylight area. There was  this woman who would cross  the road daily with her child on way to school. I would stop the  traffic to help her cross the road. Gradually, we developed acquaintance. Once, she called me over to her house. There was no one in the house, and she took me straight to bed.  When I was leaving, she gave me Rs2,000 and asked me to come over again.”

He says gigolos get their clientele mainly from the Citylight area. He says, “I have six-seven permanent clients. At times, there are others too, like servants, in the house. Often they ask for a new partner too. So I spread the word in my circle.”

On why women get interested in illicit relationships, Chaudhary said, “In most cases, husbands are very busy throughout the day, and at night they drink and go off to sleep. The women feel ignored, and have some fun on the side with men who can entertain.”

The scare of STDs too is not a deterrent. Chaudhary says most gigolos keep ‘precautions’ handy.

DNA approached the network through Sarvajanik Medical Trust’s outreach worker Dharmesh Saraswala and Lakshya Trust’s counsellor Nilesh Umarwadiya. Saraswala said, “There are nothing less than 1,500 gigolos in Surat. That apart, male strippers too come over from Mumbai on heavy charges. The local strippers charge about Rs5,000-8,000 to entertain a group of women.”


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