Judging The Lawyers

Judging Lawyers
23 Aug 2008, 0024 hrs IST


This is not a good news at all and i am not at all happy.
Does pronouncement of conviction alone is sufficient?
What about punishment? In this case which made every citizen of India to loose its faith in the legal system, the punishment should have been exemplery. But both the so called senior lawyers were left with the punishment of non practice for 4 months.

An still both the lawyers are not at all shamefull. instead they are using their political influences to succesfully planned strike.

This lawyer fraternity is the most corrupt one without any restriction of service rules or any account of incomes.

1. When nithari case happenned they took law in their hands and beat up the accused in the open court of Ghaziabad.
2. When one of their fellow lawyer fights for a terrorist which is his duty by his profession, they remove him from bar association membership.
3. They stike for 6 months at a streach when part of district court Tis Hazari is to be moved to new Rohini Court and govt. gets down in front of them accepting all of their demands.
4. They strike when family courts Act was introduced and again govt. bows down to their demands and hence family courts act was never implemented.
5. They bribe the judges and influence them because of their political connections. Latest example is Punjab & Haryana high court where a lawyer tried to bribe a judge.

Is their any code of conduct for the lawyers who either just push the arms of the law themselves or take it in their own hands?


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