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Patil warns against gender law misuse

December 31, 2008
Patil warns against gender law misuse

New Delhi, Dec. 27: President Pratibha Patil has cautioned against the misuse of pro-women laws such as IPC Section 498A that deals with dowry harassment and sought better implementation of others to create a gender-just society.

“Instances exist whereby protective legal provisions for the benefit of women have been subjected to distortion and misuse to wreak petty vengeance and to settle scores. Some surveys have concluded that 6 to 10 per cent of dowry complaints are false and were registered primarily to settle scores. It is unfortunate if laws meant to protect women get abused as instruments of oppression,” she said.

Patil was addressing the National Conference of Lady Lawyers and Lady Teachers on Justice for Women at Yavatmal in Maharashtra. Though much has been done to create a gender-just society in terms of enacting laws, their implementation left much to be desired, she said.

“The intent of some laws has suffered because of poor and faulty implementation. The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act is a living example. Enacted in 1996, it saw the first conviction in 2006 after 10 long years. Such disturbing revelations need prompt remedy,” Patil said.

She called upon women lawyers to take the lead in dealing with “female foeticide” which she termed “one of the most pernicious and inhuman forms of crime”.

“Another disquieting trend has been that women themselves have not been innocent of abusing women,” she said. “At times women have played an unsavoury, catalytic role in perpetrating violence whether against the daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law or female domestic helps.”

Laws made to prevent women from harassment should not become instruments of oppression, she said, calling upon the legal fraternity to ensure that provisions designed to prevent exploitation and suppression of women are “fairly invoked” and “honestly implemented”.

“The bottomline, therefore, is the fair invocation of legal provisions and their objective and honest implementation,” she said.

Though several laws have been enacted in the post-Independence era to usher in a gender just society, these would have to be better implemented, she said.

In this context, she referred to a host of laws such as the Special Marriage Act, Dowry Prohibition Act, Sati Prevention Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Factories Act, Equal Remuneration Act, Indecent Representation of Women (Prevention) Act and provisions in the IPC to deal with obscenity etc.

She also referred to the recently enacted Domestic Violence Act, 2005, which “addresses the right of women to live in a domestic atmosphere not violative of woman’s dignity”.

“The Hindu Succession Amendment Act deleted the gender discriminatory clause to rectify the gender imbalance in inheritance rights. The 73rd and 74th Amendments, by providing ensured representation for women in urban and rural local bodies, have enabled public decision-making by the hitherto marginalised and suppressed humanity of women in India,” she said.


Jilted once, divorcee wants HIV+bride

December 29, 2008

Jilted once, divorcee wants HIV+bride

27 Dec 2008, 0342 hrs IST, Radha Sharma, TNN

AHMEDABAD: In an age where everybody seems to be wanting to marry slim, tall, fair, rich and beautiful girls, a 29-year-old city youth’s matrimonial advertisement reads something like this – `Wanted: A girl with a beautiful mind. Should be HIV +ve’.

The exceptional thing here is that Chandresh Solanki himself is not HIV +ve. He is a normal healthy guy who just wants to do something positive in life after a failed marriage.

“I have decided to marry an HIV positive girl and give her a good life, respect and care which most women are denied once they are detected with the deadly virus,” says Solanki.

Chandresh, who works as a master-cutter in a garment unit, stumped a voluntary agency with his unique request. “We have never got such a respect,” said a volunteer of NGO, Quality Circle.

Chandresh’s first wife broke his heart when she ran away with another man two years after their marriage. Chandresh’s house had collapsed in the 2001 earthquake in Ahmedabad and had to shift to Mumbai with his wife to earn a livelihood. Within six months in Mumbai, his wife told him she has started working as a call girl. Before Chandresh could recover from the shock, she eloped with her lover, a father of three.

“I seriously thought of ending my life but then sense returned. Now, I want to make someone who is miserable very happy,” says Chandresh.

Army official killed by ex-girlfriend

December 29, 2008

Army official killed by ex-girlfriend

28 Dec 2008, 1505 hrs IST, PTI

DEHRA DUN: An Army official was stabbed to death allegedly by his former girlfriend and her companion at the hill resort of Mussoorie in Uttarakhand, police said on Sunday.

Two persons, Aparna Shahi and her boyfriend, Ankit Thakur have been arrested for stabbing to death Sunder Swaroop Sharma, a Warrant Officer in the Army.

The murder came to light when the police discovered the blood-stained body of Sharma yesterday at Hathipaon area of Mussoorie.

On investigations, it was found that Sharma was having an alleged affair with Aparna, a student of a polytechnic college in Dehra Dun.

When Aparna was grilled, she revealed that she along with her new boyfriend Ankit killed Sharma and threw the body into a gorge. She said Sharma was allegedly harassing her after she snapped relations with him last year.

When the harassment continued, both Ankit and Aparna invited Sharma to Mussoorie where the duo killed the army official with a ‘khukhri’, police said.

The two would be produced before a district court for police remand on Monday.

Woman assaults doctor, arrested

December 29, 2008
Woman assaults doctor, arrested
Manish K Pathak
Thursday, December 25, 2008  03:23 IST

Meghwadi police have arrested a 30-year-old woman for allegedly assaulting the doctor of a private clinic where she worked as a compounder after allegedly being sacked from the job.


According to the police, Yakub Nooruddin Hafeez, 39, who runs the Bhusarath clinic in Andheri (E), alleged that compounder Saba Ansari was removed from the job after she made sexual advances towards him.

“On Monday morning, Ansari along with a male friend barged into the clinic when Hafeez was alone and started abusing him. They then assaulted him with a wooden stick. Hafeez tried to resist, but she kept abusing him,” said senior inspector Jaspalsingh Raagi.

Hafeez suffered a fracture in his left leg along with minor injuries all over the body.
Ansari was later arrested from her residence in the Pump House locality, police said. She has been remanded in police custody till Thursday. 

Police are interrogating Ansari to find out about her friend who was with her when the complainant was assaulted. “Hafeez’s allegations against Ansari are also being looked
into,” said Ragi.

Woman chops off husband’s head

December 29, 2008
Woman chops off husband’s head
Wednesday, December 24, 2008  16:05 IST

KOLKATA: A woman allegedly chopped off her husband’s head in a West Bengal village as part of tantra rituals, but police Wednesday said a love affair with another man was behind the murder.

The incident took place at Nalhati village in Birbhum district. According to district sources, Ranga Mondal, 22, along with her three friends, hacked her husband Subrato’s head with an axe at their residence Tuesday night as part of tantra practices.

However, district police superintendent LN Meena said: “We have not got any evidence yet that suggests Mondal killed her husband as a part of tantra rituals.

“In fact, we have found that the woman was involved with another man and may be that led to an altercation between the man and the wife, resulting in the murder.”

“We have arrested Mondal and her three friends, including two men and a woman,” Meena said.

Parents worsen rocky marriages

December 24, 2008
Parents worsen rocky marriages


“Unwanted advice of parents should be avoided while tackling crisis situations in a relationship”

A report published by a Florida-based marriage counsellor said parents may invariably accelerate the break up process if a marriage is on the rocks. “Unwanted advice of parents should be avoided while tackling crisis situations in a relationship. The couples ought to be independent to make their own decisions,” it said.

Dr Rajan Bhonsle, a Mumbaibased marriage counsellor says, “Parents are very possessive about their children. Somehow, they become jealous of the new person in their children’s life. They don’t want to give away their children even after marriage and keep pouring in advice — which very often is one of the major causes of a marriage break up.” He feels the situation can become more vulnerable in the initial stage of a marriage, as there is a lack of understanding already, and parents’ biased advice just adds to it. This becomes an even bigger problem when the other partner is not liked by the parents.

However, Dr Jyoti Sangle, visiting psychiatrist at Hiranandani Hospital says, “A marriage is made between two mature individuals. They need to be responsible, and so you can’t solely blame parental advice for a split.” She says that parents always have a soft corner for their child, and so they often fail to analyse the situation rationally. It is also because there are so many personal and social emotions attached.

“Importantly, if a marriage is under stress, parents need to be informed about it. But always seek advice from professionals — someone who can look at the situation objectively, like marriage counsellors,” adds Dr Sangle.

Dr Bhonsle warns that as a mature individuals, couples must communicate with each other regularly and openly, as a lack of communication only adds to the problem. “Selfishness, ingratitude and lack of understanding are the hallmarks of an unhappy marriage,” he adds, “And in this case, it is vital that the couple be independent enough to take their decisions.” Dr Sangle adds, “When you see problems in your marriage, always seek professional help. But understanding, communication and respect is important to keep a marriage alive.”

Kids worst victims in divorce cases: HC

December 24, 2008

Kids worst victims in divorce cases: HC

24 Dec 2008, 0059 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: The trauma of children whose parents are involved in matrimonial dispute has drawn the attention of Delhi High Court which says such couples often remain unmindful of the psychological, mental and physical impact it has on kids.

HC in a recent judgement observed that children are the worst sufferers “who not only get deprived of love, care and affection of one of their parents but practically become targets for the parties to score over one another in this mad race and obsession of winning possession, exclusive control and custody of the children.”

Expressing concern over the changing behaviour of the children due to the differences between their parents, the court added, “The marital discord sometimes reaches a stage where parties are unmindful of what psychological, mental and physical impact it has on children.”

“Children, whose parents seek divorce, witness negative family interaction prior to a divorce, also experience many life transitions and strained familial relationship after divorce,” HC noted, while dealing with a petition filed by a man seeking custody of his daughter from his estranged wife in a matrimonial dispute.

For more than seven years, the husband and wife have been filing petitions one after another before the court accusing each other of violating the court order for their daughter’s custody.

The court suggested to the couples, involved in matrimonial discord, to give paramount importance to the welfare of their children than fighting over small issues.

“Many people have shortcomings but that does not imply that they are less deserving to have the solace and custody of their children. No decision by any court can restore the broken home or give a child the care and protection of both dutiful parents,” the court said.

Woman cop caught taking bribe

December 24, 2008

Woman cop caught taking bribe

24 Dec 2008, 0039 hrs IST, TNN


CHENNAI: Sleuths of the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) on Tuesday arrested a sub-inspector of the Mylapore all-women police station while accepting a bribe of Rs 500 from a woman.

According to DVAC sources, SI Anitha demanded Rs 500 from Aparna for helping her out in a case of marital discord. Aparna’s husband had deserted her and she had been living alone. In this regard, she lodged a petition with the Mylapore all-women police station. Anitha then contacted Aparna and demanded a bribe for processing the complaint.

Aparna then approached DVAC sleuths who decided to lay a trap for the SI. As per their suggestion, Aparna went to the station and handed over the money to the SI who was then nabbed in the act.

DVAC officials then carried out searches in her house in Mylapore but did not seize anything, sources said. Anitha was later produced before a magistrate and remanded in judicial custody.

HC notice on 498A complaint by Advani’s daughter-in-law

December 23, 2008

HC notice on 498A complaint by Advani’s daughter-in-law

By Our Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI, OCT. 4. The Delhi High Court has issued notices to the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi and the Police Commissioner on a complaint by Ms. Gauri Advani, wife of Mr. Jayant Advani (son of the Union Home Minister, Mr. L.K. Advani), seeking a direction to the city police to register a case against the Deputy High Commissioner of India in the U.K., Mr. H.S. Puri, for allegedly threatening her to give her consent for divorce.

A Division Bench of the Court comprising Ms. Justice Usha Mehra and Mr. Justice C.K. Mahajan directed the Lieutenant- Governor, the Police Commissioner and the Tilak Marg police, who allegedly refused to register the case, to file their replies to the petition by October 17.

Ms. Gauri Advani, a solicitor in London, was married to Mr. Jayant Advani on December 10, 1991.

The petition, filed through counsel for Ms. Gauri Advani, Mr. Lovkesh Sawhney and Ms. Kanchan Singh, alleged that Mr. H.S. Puri had called her at his office to discuss her marital life.

When she reached Mr. Puri’s office, the Deputy High Commissioner allegedly told Ms. Gauri that Mr. L.K. Advani had authorised him to “discuss intimate details of her marital life,” the petition said.

When Ms. Gauri protested against Mr. Puri’s attempts to interfere in her personal life, the diplomat forced the petitioner to stay in his office and discuss her marital problems, the petition alleged.

Mr. Puri, quoting the Union Home Minister, allegedly threatened Ms. Gauri with dire consequences if she refused, as desired by Mr. L.K. Advani, to quietly agree to divorce her husband, the petition alleged.

After being threatened by the Deputy Commissioner, the petitioner contacted her father in Delhi, and on the suggestion of her father, lodged a complaint with the High Commissioner of India in that country against his deputy, but no action was taken, the petition said.

Thereafter, the petitioner filed a complaint with the Tilak Marg police here against Mr. Puri.

The police visited Ms. Gauri Advani’s residence here to record her statement under Section 161 of the Criminal Procedure Code but the petitioner was not available as she had gone to meet her father who had been admitted to a hospital. He had reportedly fallen ill after being informed of the incident by her daughter.

The police then fixed another date for recording the statement of the petitioner’s brother but the investigating officer did not turn up that day. When the petitioner called her up, the police officer said that she would record her statement on May 5, 2000, but she did not turn up, the petition said.

The police officer called the petitioner later that day to inform that “she is under tremendous pressure not to proceed with the registration of the case,” the petition alleged.

However, the petitioner sent her statement to the Police Commissioner and the Tilak Marg police by registered post, the petition said.

The petitioner’s brother also contacted the External Affairs Minister regarding the complaint where he found that the file relating to the matter had been summoned by the Home Minister and was lying in his office, the petition alleged.

Ms. Gauri Advani alleged that the police had refused to register the case and investigate the allegations against Mr. Puri under pressure from the office of the Home Minister.

DNA: Beware Hubbies! Its the supari sundaris

December 23, 2008

DNA: Beware Hubbies! Its the supari sundaris