Kids worst victims in divorce cases: HC

Kids worst victims in divorce cases: HC

24 Dec 2008, 0059 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: The trauma of children whose parents are involved in matrimonial dispute has drawn the attention of Delhi High Court which says such couples often remain unmindful of the psychological, mental and physical impact it has on kids.

HC in a recent judgement observed that children are the worst sufferers “who not only get deprived of love, care and affection of one of their parents but practically become targets for the parties to score over one another in this mad race and obsession of winning possession, exclusive control and custody of the children.”

Expressing concern over the changing behaviour of the children due to the differences between their parents, the court added, “The marital discord sometimes reaches a stage where parties are unmindful of what psychological, mental and physical impact it has on children.”

“Children, whose parents seek divorce, witness negative family interaction prior to a divorce, also experience many life transitions and strained familial relationship after divorce,” HC noted, while dealing with a petition filed by a man seeking custody of his daughter from his estranged wife in a matrimonial dispute.

For more than seven years, the husband and wife have been filing petitions one after another before the court accusing each other of violating the court order for their daughter’s custody.

The court suggested to the couples, involved in matrimonial discord, to give paramount importance to the welfare of their children than fighting over small issues.

“Many people have shortcomings but that does not imply that they are less deserving to have the solace and custody of their children. No decision by any court can restore the broken home or give a child the care and protection of both dutiful parents,” the court said.


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