Woman assaults doctor, arrested

Woman assaults doctor, arrested
Manish K Pathak
Thursday, December 25, 2008  03:23 IST


Meghwadi police have arrested a 30-year-old woman for allegedly assaulting the doctor of a private clinic where she worked as a compounder after allegedly being sacked from the job.


According to the police, Yakub Nooruddin Hafeez, 39, who runs the Bhusarath clinic in Andheri (E), alleged that compounder Saba Ansari was removed from the job after she made sexual advances towards him.

“On Monday morning, Ansari along with a male friend barged into the clinic when Hafeez was alone and started abusing him. They then assaulted him with a wooden stick. Hafeez tried to resist, but she kept abusing him,” said senior inspector Jaspalsingh Raagi.

Hafeez suffered a fracture in his left leg along with minor injuries all over the body.
Ansari was later arrested from her residence in the Pump House locality, police said. She has been remanded in police custody till Thursday. 

Police are interrogating Ansari to find out about her friend who was with her when the complainant was assaulted. “Hafeez’s allegations against Ansari are also being looked
into,” said Ragi.


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