Sexual harassment is a human rights violation: CIC

And the WCD Ministry is proposing in Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill 2007 that
as per the proposed section 14 the proceedings of sexual harrassment committe will be out of purview of the RTI act.
Now with the below decision of CIC will they still try to shield the misuser women? When the CIC is not leaving even RAW which is already out of purview of the RTI act as per section 24 and second schedule of RTI act 🙂
Sexual harassment is a human rights violation: CIC
Sexual harassment amounts to human rights violation and no organisation, including RAW, should be exempted from the purview of RTI Act in such cases, the CIC has said.

While hearing the plea of a women RAW officer, the Central Information Commission held, “… this entire application centres on allegations of sexual harassment which is a material basis for allegations of human rights violation.

We have also on earlier occasion also held that overt gender discrimination amounts to violation of human rights.”

Although the commission dismissed the plea of Nisha Priya Bhatia, a RAW officer who had demanded information under RTI Act on her complaint regarding allegations of sexual exploitation by seniors on technical grounds, it advised her to move a fresh application seeking information which was denied by the agency.

“It will be open to Nisha Bhatia to move a fresh application before the RAW seeking information on the matters which she has now sought at the level of second appeal. Her right to so move an application notwithstanding the listing of RAW in the second schedule is upheld in light of proviso to sec 24 (1)…” Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah held.

I request joint secretary Ministry of women and child development, joint secretary ministry of law and justice (legislative department) and commission members and law officer of National Commission for Women to come out of their closed AC cabins and face the reality which is even depriving genuin victims from excercising their basic human rights… Neeraj

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