Vote for any Party, but not for Congress

Shocking Statistics:
1. Close to 300 children arrested in 2007 under the draconian laws.
2. As per the NCRB data, more than 80% people arrested under dowry laws cases have turned out to be innocent. (For example: in the year 2006 a total number of 137180 persons were arrested under 498A and out of those 4812 were not even charge sheeted. Out of the 62746 persons who were charge sheeted -50,895 i.e. approx 81% were found innocent after the completion of the trial and the rest are still under trial).

3. Every year close to 75,000 dowry cases are lodged. As per Govt. studies, there is only 2% conviction. Which means in 98% of the cases the complaint cannot be taken as an evidence as provided in Section 113A of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

4. Every case affects the lives of at least 10 people from either side which means every year 1500,000 people are adversely affected by such cases. Taking a 10 year data (since on an average a case goes for 8-9 years), 15 Million people are suffering on either sides due to rampant misuse of Section 498A. These 15 Million people form a 2% vote bank.

5. Every year 57,000 married men commit suicide in India as against 29,000 married women (source: 2007  NCRB).

6. Every year more than 100,000 men lose their job and become unemployed because of wrongful arrests under the dowry laws.

7. World Health Organization report on Elder Abuse finds misuse of dowry laws by the daughters- in-law as the main reason for the elder abuse in India.

8. The Supreme Court of India has already termed the dowry law misuse as “Legal Terrorism”.
9. BBC study indicates that more than 80% women under-trials (related to husbands) lodged in Tihar jail (Delhi) are booked under dowry related laws.

10. 123,497 women (related to husbands) were arrested in the 4 years (2004 to 2007) under the dowry laws as against the 17,000 women only arrested by the British during the tumultuous decade (1937 to 1947). The Women’s Welfare Ministry is in fact the Wive’s Welfare Ministry.

11. More than 82% of tax collection is contributed by the Indian men but there is no Men’s Welfare Ministry. In a country like India where we have an Animal Welfare Ministry  it is a complete overlook for the men.

Our Expectations:
1. Formation of Men’s Welfare Ministry and institution of National Commission for Men.
2. Promotion of Gender neutral laws to promote family harmony (man/woman to be replaced by person and husband/wife to be replaced by spouse).
3. Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code to be made bailable, non-cognizable and compoundable, as per the recommendations of Malimath Committee report to save the institution of marriage.
4. Punishment for misuse of the provisions of the dowry law by default in case the complaint / case if found false.
5. Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) of 2005 should be gender neutral as it is in all developed countries.
6. Workplace harassment legal framework should be made gender neutral.
7. Duplication of legal provisions for similar benefits should be scrapped to avoid unnecessary and multiple litigations and also to stop the wastage of judicial and administrative resources for e.g. in maintenance provisions. Currently maintenance can be sought under 4-5 different heads for the same cause of action which causes confusion and brings inefficiency in addition to burdening the system.
8. Empowerment of women through proper education to make them independent.
9. There should not be any discrimination in the matters of religion, caste and sex as well.
10. Effective measures to eliminate female feticide and child abuse/labor.


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