498A/DV Franchise opportunities: B’lore woman marries 10, robs them

Kausar Begum & Renoo(cow) Pink Chaddi LLC (A New York Incorporated) would like to offer the following Franchise opportunities, subject to the following:

1.  Must be a woman

2.  If married to a rich guy acceptable, else prefer unmarried

3.  Will provide training, equipment and videos to trap rich men/families

4.  Will provide training, equipment and dialogues to lure and get married

5.  Will provide training, equipment and lawyer certified scripts – for filing of DV/498A within
6-12 months of marriage.  Detailed services as below: 

–  without any physical injuries free, included in price!
–  with carefully selected injuries or surgical manipulations 10% extra fee
–  no injuries but photograph manipulations and video manipulations :  20% extra fee
–  get 5 passer-by witnesses that happened to see the crime:  10% extra
–  showing husband involved with another woman in photo: add another 10%. 
–  bring husband’s nude picture and we will add a nude partner to it- for only 10% extra!
–  want to show husband is gay – no problem – another 10% extra
–  burn your mother in law, husband and father-in-law after getting their property documents and then claim self-defence:  50% extra
–  poison entire family after taking their signatures on property and then vacation in Switzerland for ever with Swiss accounts:  60% extra

6.  We will provide legal aid to the ‘abandoned’ 498A wife legally through the Non-Profits under Renuka Choudhary, offer includes free pink chaddies and free beer for life

7.  Get rich in maximum 18 months, live on free Government money, free pink chaddies and free beer Guaranteed!

8.  Pay us only 25% after full job is done (Job minimum $200k)

9.  Causing male suicide or suicides in husband’s family – only 10% extra fee, can be added any time

10.  We can also teach you how to file 498A/DV while sitting remote, especially if you are NRI.  You need to send only one/two emails to anyone in India (lawyer certified templates available) and after that we will take it up with Ram-da-ass and media for NRI abuse

11.  NRI cases involving over $50k get 5% discount, over $200k potential get 10% discount

12.  Women willing to 498A/DV multiple husbands will be given strict preference.  We like repeat business and those willing to provide 5 or more hus-bands will get another 10% extra commissions

13.  Also, if you are in the US – since no Indian law can reach you and there is no American law that bars you – you can start a 498A/DV franchise openly yourself and you can guide more Indian women to do this after taking the necessary $1000 per woman benefit available from the Indian Consulate.  More women you enroll, more are the chances that Renuka Choudhary may also nominate you for Bharat Ratna.

14.  Also available Gold level membership for NRI women – where if you deposit $5000 and bring 1 case right away before April 30 2009 – you get another 5% bonus!

Enquiries are welcome. Call 1-800-498ADV now Indian Standard Time.


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