Divorce Congress, Cry harassed Husbands: Save Family Foundation

Hello Everybody,
As you all must be aware of that today in the first round of General Elections, fate of Union Minister Smt. Renuka Chaudhary has been fused in the Electronics Voting machines.
Delhi constituencies are also becoming hot and so is the rising temperature in the burnt hearts of lacs of husbands their parents and siblings. We have seen many situations where our constant lobbying, protests etc. ultimately passed through a narrow road of bureaucracy and red tapism and ultimately collided with the tough & high wall of “No Political Will”.
1. We have seen, how Renuka Chowdhary fooled thousands of people by advertising them for a review of 498a and DV act in delhi but discussed ragging and surrogacy in the closed chamber of India Islamic Center on 25th June 2008.
2. We have seen, that the politicians accused of Dowry Harassment charges (Like L.K. Advani, Arjun Singh etc.) are freely roaming and are safe from any police of judicial harassment but common man and senior citizens are being jailed without any inquiary or investigations.
3. We have seen, our constant demand from Prime Minister and UPA chairperson, to provide a platform to men (In the form of National Commission for Men and a Ministry for Men Welfare) to get their Issues addressed is felling into dumb ears.
4. We have seen, that recent CrPC amendments to protect the innocent citizens of this country from police harrassment are not being Notified in the Gazette of Govt of India even after getting a presidential approval, because of lack of political will.
5. We are now wittnessing, after cast and religion divide political parties especially the Congress (I) is using Gender Divide for their political gains.
So, why to give in their hand, future of our families again?
Now harrassed husbands and their families have also joined this Dance of Democracy, where winning is no more a Prize but preventing others from winning is a remarkable achievement. A small cut in vote percentage of especially congress biggies in our first attempt is our sole motto. Of couse, they should feel the heat of 498a and DV fire, burning our houses.
Members of harrased husbands associations are gathering tommorrow 17th April 2009 at India Gate at 10:00 AM with their family members and friends to support their candidate Shri Sudhir Anand as he would be filing his nomination papers from New Delhi Consituency.
From India Gate all will proceed to file the nominations at:
12, Jamnagar House,
Shajahan Road, New Delhi.
Near India Gate.
Any clarification/suggestions: Sudhir : 9718719551, Deepak : 9953177508.

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