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Domestic violence claims men too

December 23, 2008

Domestic violence claims men too

23 Dec 2008, 0037 hrs IST, TNN


BANGALORE: Family problems are the cause of most suicides in the country. While the number of suicides increased by 28% over the last decade, they went up by 3.8% in the past year. Only 5% of these are attributed to financial reasons while family problems triggered 23.8%, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) which recently published the 2007 statistics.

Members of the Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) on Monday drew attention to these statistics, which also show that every year, the number of men committing suicide is much higher than that of women.

More married men (57,593) committed suicide last year than married women (30,064). “In 11 years, 1,56,000 married men killed themselves due to domestic violence. Yet, the government doesn’t feel the need to protect them. Society ridicules them as weak and irresponsible and cites financial reasons as the cause of their suicide. Also, there is a hue and cry when women commit suicide and the husbands’ family is dragged to the police station on suspicion that they must have forced her to suicide. For men, there is hardly any investigation,” said Anil Kumar, secretary, SIFF.

The organization urged the government to set up a men’s welfare ministry and a national commission for men to study the problems, allocate a men’s budget, provide homes for those trapped in domestic violence, among other things.

Members of Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), a sister concern of SIFF, identified that men not allowed custody of their children was also an issue of concern leading to stress and depression among divorced men and, in some cases, suicide.


I want to teach men what their mothers didn’t: Renuka Chaudhury

December 23, 2008

I want to teach men what their mothers didn’t: Renuka Chaudhury

“I am here to teach men what their mothers didn’t teach them,” declared Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chaudhury at a function in New Delhi on Wednesday. Chaudhury has been at the receiving end of numerous hate mails after taking certain pro-women initiatives.

“Women are the worst sufferers of verbal and physical abuse and they need protection,” said Chaudhury. She added that she got the distasteful mails after the recent implementation of the Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act.

Chaudhury was speaking at a function to award the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for Delhi Police’s Parivartan, an initiative to combat voilence against women.

The choicest abuses used by men during altercations are based on women and their relationships with them, she said, adding that pro-women initiatives aimed at teaching men what their mothers have not taught them.

“People say pro-women legislations are often misused and abused. Yes, there is a handful of them, but one thing that we should keep in mind is that millions of women also need help,” she said.

Many men were “upset” at the implementation of the Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act, claimed Chaudhury. “Gauging by the number of e-mails I have received and their content, I think I need the maximum security in the country,” she added in a lighter vein.

“You see many things in Hindi movies. It is okay in movies but not in real life,” she said. Men often assume that women have always played second fiddle to them and will continue to do so, she added.

“Can you think of life without women? Now, it is the era of feminisation of the globe and you see women everywhere. They lead the struggle for a decent livelihood,” said  Chaudhury.

“It is not that we don’t want men. We need their help and they need to understand that women are not mere objects,” she said.

Family Against Women: How?

January 13, 2008
Family against woman
A year after the law to protect women from domestic violence was enacted, it continues to be defeated by social prejudice and blindspots.
Humans learns from their past mistakes but very few admits these mistakes. At least Indira jaising is realising that in family matters there is no room for any criminal laws.
But does it actually makes any difference?
The DV act in its present form is more dangerous to innocent men than present criminal laws (498a). What if you strip out a person from all his money and house? Under criminal law at least in jail he will get two meals and a shelter. As the bare reading of this DV Act will make even a layman cautious from his wife fearing extortion from his wife demanding all his hard earned money and house. The other point is, if police is going to be the protection officers under this act, where lies the diffrence between this act and a criminl law?
Agreed, even if the definition of the DV Act was taken from the UN Model Code on domestic violence and from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women, to which India is a party, the legilature and the legal lizards should have applied their own mind. In a country where their are different kind of personal laws for each faith/religion, how are you going to enact a law in Hindustan, which is as it is copied from western countries?
Indira jaising have forgotten to mention two important aspects of this law which she may be avoiding here as it would be very difficult for her to answer the questions regarding their imlementation. Those are ‘verbal’ and ’emotional’ abuses. Can india jaisingh discuss and guide the honab’le judiciary, how they should reach their decisions on these forms of domestic abuses?
The publicity of this act that it applies not only to married women but also women in live-in relationships, daughters/mothers facing violence in domestic relationships is totally a drama. The melicious intentions of the so called women activists is pretty evident from the fact that the provision of the “forcefull marriage of a girl by her parents” is not made as a proper section under this law. What prevented the people who drafted this law from writing this provision as a proper section under this act? What a normal woman is supposed to know, if she is in trouble. A victim woman can only buy and read a bare act and if she doesn’t find any provision to her rescue/releif in that act, what’s the use. But the committe has wisely drafted the sections for occupying house, maintenance etc. for wives and prostitutes (live in partners).
Critisism of the temple of justice, India’s apex court, by feminists have become now a days a routine matter as nobody from even the apex court dare to counter their criticism and just bow down to their political powers. But being a lawyer you should have refrain yourself from such unnecesarry remarks.
Agreed, an agreived women needs a shelter but please don’t overlook the fact that even if a woman’s claim is being denied on her in-laws house, her right to residence from her husband is still their. Why to push for the execution of this right to residence for the in-laws house?
A bunch of crooked lawyers, are they above the highest court of law of a democratic country to comment upon its decisions? There were many earlier judgements from the apex court, why the recommnedations in those judgements were not implemnted? The malicious and corrupt motives are more and more evident from the fact that those judgements favourable to men or neutral in order are being immidiately removed from the general public access.
I am not able to understand why this distinction between middle, upper and lower classes of women is not made available anytime while talking about the misuse of the dowry prohibition laws?
Let me tell you my opinion why the working class of women are not using these laws. Working women are not using this law as they got no idle time as you may have heard “An idle brain is a devil’s house” and they don’t have time to even watch the feminist sponsored television soaps.
Freedom from violence in the private domain still remains a distant dream for women in domestic relationships, but it will soon become a reality that so called 21st centuary women will fight for thier dignity and rights. I prey to god, Indian women will learn to:
1. File a DV case against her father/brother if they are not able to provide her the best dress of her choice or restrain her from meeting her boyfriend.
2. File a DV case against her husband and in-laws if they try to mend her ways.
3. File a case againg any person restraining her from her adulterous activities in her husband or live-in partners house and off course she should not forget to throw out the owner of that house.
Thanks to All to read it patiently.

This is What Happens When Lawyers Were Given Freedom to Draft a Law!

January 13, 2008
This is What Happens When Lawyers Were Given Freedom to Draft a Law!
Are there no more prudent retired judges available in the country to draft a law?
What is the credibility of this group called  “Lawyers Collective” lead by Indira Jaisingh who drafted the DV Act, besides its closeness to the Minister for Women and Child Development? Obviously the lawyers will draft any law so that every house would be engaged in multiple litigations and they will keep earning their bread and butter out of that. 
It is not the first time the court has tried to plug the loopholes in a matrimonial law. Several laws have been enacted based on assumtions of year 1860 and earlier that a women is a ‘Devi’ always, so she cannot lie. The result of which is that the 21st century ’empowered’ women abuses these laws to the extent of extortion and to hide all her misdeeds. All the innocent people in the husband’s family have to bear all sorts harrassment upto the point when somebody reaches to the Apex court and then apex court in its ruling gives the correct interpretations to that “clumsily drafted” law.
Why under DV Act it is assumed that a statement of wife as an affidavit is sufficient to prove that a domestic violence has happened?
The answer to this question by radical feminist groups (like lawyers collective or women power connect) would be that it is very difficult for an “Abla Naari” to prove all this in court.
When somebody is not able to prove “something that happened” (only an happening can lead to creation of evidences), why a husband or live-in partner is forced to prove “something that doesn’t happened at all”.

Why supreme court is pretending as shocked? There is nothing new !

January 13, 2008
Why supreme court is pretending as shocked? There is nothing new !
Please refer to the news below:
SC shocked as US Court disregards its order
SC’s shock over nullification of its order by a United States court is a childish reaction just like a kid hides his sweets in his pocket and try to show empty hands with a shocking face.
Judiciary at every level knows that Indian Family Laws are not recognized internationally. Please refer to the below link, one relevent para of which i am reproducing here:
“The conference attended by the Chief Justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan,
and eminent legal experts from India discussed among other issues problems
on inter-continental marriages, divorce, maintenance, adoption, child abduction in the event of breakdown of marriages and settlement of property disputes among parting couples due to non-recognition of the verdicts of the Indian courts by foreign countries. It asked the Indian Government to take the initiative to resolve the issues, keeping in view the fast-growing NRI population”
*** due to non-recognition of the verdicts of the Indian courts by foreign countries ***
From the above it can easily be inferred that its not unusual that courts in other
countries are not recognizing verdicts of Indian Courts. The Indian family laws
are so gender biased that foregion courts tend to make their own decisions based on NO BIASEDNESS and NO PRESUMPTION of woman being always a saint.
The travel warnings on US, Canada and various Europian immigration/travel sites is also another example that non recognition of Indian Family laws is a well known fact.
Hundreds of girls have made it their bussiness either to extort money using laws like 498A or for getting a foregion citizenship. Hundreds other every year are abondoning their NRI husbands and denying custody to their children to the poor husbands.
The denial of basic human rights to a Man in Indian courts is not hidden to international community.
Please note here that the “law guardian” of the children has opposed this plea, not the poor father. Even then the Apex court has initiated contempt proceedings against the father to just pressurise him.
A shocking reaction by the apex court is a surprise to me !!

Different Stories: same FLOP Actors and Directors !!

January 13, 2008
Under Domestic Violence Act, filing complaint not a big headache now
filing-complaint-not-a-big-headache-now/251711/The movie and year of release:
1. Dowry prohibition act 1961. (A flop)
2. 498A, year 1983. (A flop)
3. The Commission od Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987. (A flop)
Villan: Every man.
Extras: Parents & relatives of man.
Banners: NCW, CSR, WCD.
Direction/script/music: Indira Jaisingh, Renuks chowdhary, Ranjan Kumari, Girija vyas, kiran walia, brinda karat.
Actors: tehsildar, naib tehsildars, block development officers, police, dowry prohibition officers etc.

New releases: Domestic violence (protection) Act, 2005
Soon to be released: Sexual Harrasment at workplace, 2007.

Critics: The NCW, CSR and WCD banners combine has produces so many
movies but all flops. This time also they are releasing more movies but again with the same flop actors? How much a spectator will be amused to see the same failed actors having a pathetic track record?

In India, in the last 50 years, a number of legislations were enacted to empower an Indian woman and curb the crime against women. But as the govt. record iitself are showing all acts failed to serve the purpose they were enacted for. Why?

From time to time it has been acknowledged by social activists, police, politicians and women organizations that it is not the failure of law but it is the implementation of the law which fails every time.Why the Govt. or NGOs working for empowerment of women are not working for right and easy implementation of these acts. Why the such NGOs or ministry refrain themselves from conducting a study on socio-economic conditions which led to non-reporting of crimes against women?

The fact is that the actors of these so called films, i mean the people who are responsible for the implementation and execution of these acts are not properly sensitized intead they misuse these laws to harras and extort the poor/rural/illiterate women. This is pretty evident from the daily news of cases of

Gang rapes on the order of panchayats,
Sati cases,
Fatwas by local maulvis,
Rape victims being forced to marry the rapist,
Death sentences by local community courts in the elopment cases or
Out of cast marriages,
Witchcraft, etc.
What all these tehsildar, naib tehsildars, block development officers, dowry prohibition officers have been doing all the while for so many years?Illiterate and unpriviledged are not even dare to come to the courts for any kind of relef. On the other hand women in urban areas are misusing such laws encated to protect the women for the extortion of money, hiding adultery, to settle socres with in-laws etc.

Now, the new film has been released, Domestic violence (protection) Act, 2005, and the cast is the same.
But this time its different !!
Yes the script is also a flop this time as its already been called by the film jury as “clumsily drafted”.


A “Diwali Gift” spoiled every festival of thousands of families in last one year all over India.

January 13, 2008
This is a feedback to an article in Mail Today daily dated 20th dec’07 with the heading ‘ Architects of Act on Domestic Violence caught in a Cat fight”.
The hurry of giving a “Diwali Gift” last year for an additional women vote bank in favour of Renuka Chowdhary has actually soured every festival of thousands of families in last one year all over India .
The main catfight is over the review of DV Act by a panel of lawyers. The very first questions which surfaces are:
Why the panel of lawyers?
Why not a panel of retired judges?
Why especially a panel of only women lawyers?
At a time when judicial accountability of judges is being questioned leading to the drafting of Judicial Accountability Bill, what is the credibility of a group of lawyers?
The situation at present looks like a Crocodile is asking a Fox to plan a strategy on “How a heard of poor deers could be saved from lions?” Neither the Mogli (refer Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book) nor the deer’s opinion being sought. Why a fox would like to save deers from lions? After all the fox survives on the remains of fight between lion and deer?
Let me tell you first the result of this review of the said act in advance. It will only result in the change of the section which defines the meaning of a “Shared household”. Rest all will come out as same. The sole purpose of enactment of DV act was to provide unscrupulous women with a legal weapon so that they could easily grab the house of their In-laws or husband. But after the pronouncement of “Batra Vs Batra” judgment by the apex court clearly interpreting the meaning of a “Shared Household”, the feminists are up with the arms.
Let’s assume after this review of the Domestic Violence Act and Re-definition of “Shared Household” the apex court in any of its future judgment comes with Re-interprets of such definition again? Will this definition will again be reviewed by the Ministry of Women and Child welfare, may be in year 2008 itself?
How could poor Indian citizen bear with such a Trial and Error methodology in framing laws and their reviews?
Will the UPA or Honb’le Chief Justice of India or our Law Ministry interfere?
Even after this judgement by the Apex court more judgments from various High Courts and even session courts came out from all over India , year 2007, interpreting correctly, the various grey areas under the said act. Those judgments were even criticized by the feminists saying they were passed overlooking even the guidelines of the DVAct. But the fact is that those judgments were an attempt to save the basic philosophy of Indian Law and roots of Indian judicial system by the Honbl’e judges. Even some terming the said Act as “A Recipe for Disaster” Domestic Violence Law – A Recipe for Disaster?
The problem is that both the ladies wants to draft the law to their own benefits as it is a matter of their Bread and Butter also.
Indira Jaisingh sees it as an opportunity to draft this act as a ”Low ignition temperature fuel spread in each street of India so that even a slight warmth from a small family friction will lead to a major fire which could be enjoyed by her lawyer fraternity to cook their daily bread”. But the path seems to be not an easy one.
Now after one year of the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act when the results are already out she is afraid of a review of her “Examination test sheets”.
For Renuka chowdhary too, the fruits of the “Enactment and Promotion of Domestic Violence Act”, a populist measure in a hurry, to woe women voters to her benefit, resulted in a bitter taste due to nationwide protests against the said act from people from all walks of life.
As a face saving measure, now Renuka is just trying to repair the damages by pretending to review this act and inviting men on table to talk about domestic violence.
Let’s hope that out of this “Samudra Manthan (churning of sea)”; you called it Cat Fight common man shall only get Nectar not poison as their share.