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498A/DV Franchise opportunities: B’lore woman marries 10, robs them

April 9, 2009

Kausar Begum & Renoo(cow) Pink Chaddi LLC (A New York Incorporated) would like to offer the following Franchise opportunities, subject to the following:

1.  Must be a woman

2.  If married to a rich guy acceptable, else prefer unmarried

3.  Will provide training, equipment and videos to trap rich men/families

4.  Will provide training, equipment and dialogues to lure and get married

5.  Will provide training, equipment and lawyer certified scripts – for filing of DV/498A within
6-12 months of marriage.  Detailed services as below: 

–  without any physical injuries free, included in price!
–  with carefully selected injuries or surgical manipulations 10% extra fee
–  no injuries but photograph manipulations and video manipulations :  20% extra fee
–  get 5 passer-by witnesses that happened to see the crime:  10% extra
–  showing husband involved with another woman in photo: add another 10%. 
–  bring husband’s nude picture and we will add a nude partner to it- for only 10% extra!
–  want to show husband is gay – no problem – another 10% extra
–  burn your mother in law, husband and father-in-law after getting their property documents and then claim self-defence:  50% extra
–  poison entire family after taking their signatures on property and then vacation in Switzerland for ever with Swiss accounts:  60% extra

6.  We will provide legal aid to the ‘abandoned’ 498A wife legally through the Non-Profits under Renuka Choudhary, offer includes free pink chaddies and free beer for life

7.  Get rich in maximum 18 months, live on free Government money, free pink chaddies and free beer Guaranteed!

8.  Pay us only 25% after full job is done (Job minimum $200k)

9.  Causing male suicide or suicides in husband’s family – only 10% extra fee, can be added any time

10.  We can also teach you how to file 498A/DV while sitting remote, especially if you are NRI.  You need to send only one/two emails to anyone in India (lawyer certified templates available) and after that we will take it up with Ram-da-ass and media for NRI abuse

11.  NRI cases involving over $50k get 5% discount, over $200k potential get 10% discount

12.  Women willing to 498A/DV multiple husbands will be given strict preference.  We like repeat business and those willing to provide 5 or more hus-bands will get another 10% extra commissions

13.  Also, if you are in the US – since no Indian law can reach you and there is no American law that bars you – you can start a 498A/DV franchise openly yourself and you can guide more Indian women to do this after taking the necessary $1000 per woman benefit available from the Indian Consulate.  More women you enroll, more are the chances that Renuka Choudhary may also nominate you for Bharat Ratna.

14.  Also available Gold level membership for NRI women – where if you deposit $5000 and bring 1 case right away before April 30 2009 – you get another 5% bonus!

Enquiries are welcome. Call 1-800-498ADV now Indian Standard Time.


Jilted once, divorcee wants HIV+bride

December 29, 2008

Jilted once, divorcee wants HIV+bride

27 Dec 2008, 0342 hrs IST, Radha Sharma, TNN

AHMEDABAD: In an age where everybody seems to be wanting to marry slim, tall, fair, rich and beautiful girls, a 29-year-old city youth’s matrimonial advertisement reads something like this – `Wanted: A girl with a beautiful mind. Should be HIV +ve’.

The exceptional thing here is that Chandresh Solanki himself is not HIV +ve. He is a normal healthy guy who just wants to do something positive in life after a failed marriage.

“I have decided to marry an HIV positive girl and give her a good life, respect and care which most women are denied once they are detected with the deadly virus,” says Solanki.

Chandresh, who works as a master-cutter in a garment unit, stumped a voluntary agency with his unique request. “We have never got such a respect,” said a volunteer of NGO, Quality Circle.

Chandresh’s first wife broke his heart when she ran away with another man two years after their marriage. Chandresh’s house had collapsed in the 2001 earthquake in Ahmedabad and had to shift to Mumbai with his wife to earn a livelihood. Within six months in Mumbai, his wife told him she has started working as a call girl. Before Chandresh could recover from the shock, she eloped with her lover, a father of three.

“I seriously thought of ending my life but then sense returned. Now, I want to make someone who is miserable very happy,” says Chandresh.

Judging The Lawyers

August 24, 2008

Judging Lawyers
23 Aug 2008, 0024 hrs IST

This is not a good news at all and i am not at all happy.
Does pronouncement of conviction alone is sufficient?
What about punishment? In this case which made every citizen of India to loose its faith in the legal system, the punishment should have been exemplery. But both the so called senior lawyers were left with the punishment of non practice for 4 months.

An still both the lawyers are not at all shamefull. instead they are using their political influences to succesfully planned strike.

This lawyer fraternity is the most corrupt one without any restriction of service rules or any account of incomes.

1. When nithari case happenned they took law in their hands and beat up the accused in the open court of Ghaziabad.
2. When one of their fellow lawyer fights for a terrorist which is his duty by his profession, they remove him from bar association membership.
3. They stike for 6 months at a streach when part of district court Tis Hazari is to be moved to new Rohini Court and govt. gets down in front of them accepting all of their demands.
4. They strike when family courts Act was introduced and again govt. bows down to their demands and hence family courts act was never implemented.
5. They bribe the judges and influence them because of their political connections. Latest example is Punjab & Haryana high court where a lawyer tried to bribe a judge.

Is their any code of conduct for the lawyers who either just push the arms of the law themselves or take it in their own hands?

New differing perceptions of dowry

January 22, 2008

Dowry has attained new meanings among different socio-economic groups. While the affluent may avoid using the word ‘dowry,’ the transfer of gifts to the man’s family as an obligation is still deeply entrenched.

There are two faces to the Indian woman today. The public-school educated, well-informed urban young woman and the barely literate, rural woman.

They also have different perceptions about dowry.

Marriages may be made in heaven but the celestial affair is celebrated right here on earth, that too in style.

Fuelled by our growing economy, it’s no longer a luxury for the select few. For the 300-million odd middle class it’s also what their daughters want to ensure comfortable wedded bliss.

Weddings today is an industry in India worth US$ 50 billion and is growing at a rate of 25-30%.

Wedding shopping is the least parents can do for their daughters, it is also the least the daughters themselves demand.

Designer gifts is what shouts parental love today. But these young women never want to discuss this. They justify it as a family affair.

Parul owner of Design Plaza said, ”Today girls come with their parents and give their opinions. Earlier it was considered dowry but today they are vocal of their need, actually its more of a fashion trend. This trend is increasing for the upper class.”

Meenu Dhingra has been in the interior decor business for 13 years and has seen it change dramatically. ”Earlier parents bought some stuff, but today with fashion needs have also gone up. Earlier you could give 2 things now everybody has a longer list of fridge TV, microwave etc to be given,” she said.

Meenu also added, ”Nowadays we are sent to the grooms house to get sizes etc. Earlier a godrej cupboard would be given but today the whole room has to be designed. The grooms side says do up the whole wall, set up a separate dressing room along with bedrooms and the payment mostly comes from the girl’s side.”

Yet the year 2006 witnessed 1000 more dowry deaths than 2005.

The other women

Oblivious to this urban notion of dowry there are other women from different parts of the country for whom dowry tops the list of evil.

The enlightenment is recent and they are still miles from becoming bringing about a transformation.

Razia Khatoom says, ”We tell our parents to to spend the money on our education instead of the dowry.”

According to Akhila Shivdas a sociologist, ”Consumerism generates all kinds of responses, one of them has become this regressive notion of the consumers themselves. No hope should be pinned to the middle class for a change, it will begin from the ground level.”

There are ones with all her education regressing to old traditions, the other is fighting against them.


January 21, 2008

2 FEBRUARY, 1835
I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one
person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country,
such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would
ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation,
which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we
replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians
think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own,
they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what
we want them, a truly dominated nation Read more at >>

Britain plays unhappy families

January 21, 2008

January 20, 2008

Wives feel like chattels, scared to leave in case they find themselves on the breadline

Surat girls play ‘adult games’

January 18, 2008

Chirantana Bhatt
Thursday, January 17, 2008  23:59 IST

Gigolos say married women look for fun on the side

SURAT: He visits Bangkok for business but is not an executive. He entertains clients at venues of their choice. The entertainer is Aakash Chaudhary (name changed), a gigolo.

Chaudhary has been in the business for the last nine years. He has been serving in the traffic department for the last 10  years. Asked how he took up the career, he said: “It all began in jest. I used to stand on duty at a crossroad in the Citylight area. There was  this woman who would cross  the road daily with her child on way to school. I would stop the  traffic to help her cross the road. Gradually, we developed acquaintance. Once, she called me over to her house. There was no one in the house, and she took me straight to bed.  When I was leaving, she gave me Rs2,000 and asked me to come over again.”

He says gigolos get their clientele mainly from the Citylight area. He says, “I have six-seven permanent clients. At times, there are others too, like servants, in the house. Often they ask for a new partner too. So I spread the word in my circle.”

On why women get interested in illicit relationships, Chaudhary said, “In most cases, husbands are very busy throughout the day, and at night they drink and go off to sleep. The women feel ignored, and have some fun on the side with men who can entertain.”

The scare of STDs too is not a deterrent. Chaudhary says most gigolos keep ‘precautions’ handy.

DNA approached the network through Sarvajanik Medical Trust’s outreach worker Dharmesh Saraswala and Lakshya Trust’s counsellor Nilesh Umarwadiya. Saraswala said, “There are nothing less than 1,500 gigolos in Surat. That apart, male strippers too come over from Mumbai on heavy charges. The local strippers charge about Rs5,000-8,000 to entertain a group of women.”

“Kyonki Saas Bhee Kabhi To Bahu Thi”

January 13, 2008
Mansi, a little 4 years old girl was sitting on laps of her mother, confused but aware that her grandmother had died last night. Her grandmother Mrs. Sahay died after prolonged illness. Besides her husband Mr. Sahay, she left behind a joint family consisting of her three sons, three daughter-in-laws and half a dozen grandchildren. Mr. Sahay is a senior citizen retired  from a white color top govt. post.
Suddenly mansi saw 3-4 persons in khaki, talking aggressively to her father and grandfather. Mansi innocently asked her mother
“Mamma, are they Yamadutas?
If they are, aren’t they making a mistake?
Why they are taking away grandpa, its the grandma who actually have died.”
Her mother immidiately put a finger on mansi’s mouth and whispered in her ear, “They are not Yamadutas my angle, they are policemen.”
Police officer: Mr. sahay, you are under arrest on charges of section 304-B.
Mr. Sahay: But we have been married long back and there was not a single dispute in our whole married life. I have a big joint family and we are living happily.
Police officer: You all have to be arrested and the body of the deceased need to be sent for post mortem.
Mr. Sahay: What do you mean by all? She died a natural death.
Police officer: All means, all your sons and daughter-in-laws also.
Then he changed his tone to bollywood style policeman, “Main farz se majboor hun” (i am duty bound, i cant do anything). You all have to come with me, as by law, husband and all her relatives have to be presumed guilty for an offence of dowry death. Are they not your relatives?
Mr. Sahay: But officer, its more than 35 years since our marriage. Arrest, Why?
Police officer: “Kyonki Saas Bhee Kabhi To Bahu Thi”, the officer promptly replied.
Thanks to _NCW_ for their proposal to remove the limit of 7 years on the presumptions in case of dowry death under section 304-B IPC and making it for complete lifetime of a woman.
I would also like to thank the Ministry for Women and Child Welfare (WCD) for all its care. Its support and care for the earning opportunities for the lawyers, policemen and brokers at CAW cells.