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Does UPA Ministers have more judicial powers than Honb’le Indian Judiciary?

January 13, 2008
Dear Honab’le Prime Minister,
I just want to ask a simple question from you as a honest citizen of Indian Republic.
Have you given UPA Ministers more judicial powers than Honb’le Indian Judiciary?
Your reply must be : a big No !
Then why the central ministers in the UPA govt. are hijacking the constitutional powers of Indian Judiciary?
I accuse UPA govt. as a govt. which is anti-women and saves the Convicts ! !
The recent statement of Minister for Women and Child Development Renuka Choudhury, saying that the anti-dowry law is being misused, has taken away the victim family’s hopes of a fair trial. After a central minister’s such a personal favour, even before the start of trial, how could it be possible for a fair administration of justice to the poor women against such a powerful person like HRD minister Arjun Singh? If arjun singh had not attended the marriage of his own grandson, is it that Mrs. Renuka had attended that marriage party? What proof she has got that Arjun Singh is innocent? Why Arjun Singh and all his family members were not being arrested as cruelty for demand of dowry is a cognizable and non-bailable offence?
You have sympathy for Mr. Haneef the Glasgow bomber in australia but who will care about the thousands of innocent undertrials, languishing in Indian jails in a worst to live pathetic conditions? When an ordinary citizen and all male female members of their family could be arrested at the complaint of their daughter-in-law then why the hell arjun singh and family is not being arrested. I demand a CBI inquiary in the case and request you not to follow double standards in the administration of natural justice.
In another case, the information and broadcasting Minister priyaranjan Das Munshi, giving his own verdict on sanjay dutt being sentenced to 6 years imprisonment?? Yes dutt, the same munnabhai whose film you yourself appreciated. All, including Sonia Gandhi, Kapil sibbal and whole of the congress is trying to save a person who is pronounced guilty in an open court after a 13 years long fair trial, On what grounds? If there could have been any possibility of giving him any relief it could have been exercised by the consitutionally appointed authority, the so called “Honb’le Court” under the Probation of offenders act. What about the people arrested and thrown into jails just before begining of  a fair trail in the name of pro-women or anti-dowry laws, without giving them a chance to show their innocency? However in the present case sanjay dutt has been given a chance to take his plea in front of a special court even then after his conviction, congress is trying to save him.
Third and final, UPA govt. had not answered any of the questions/challenged asked by Kiren bedi regarding the appointment of Mr. Dadwal instead of his senior kiren Bedi as the commissioner Delhi of police? Is it not a discrimination against a women?
UPA (espacially congress) had a long history of saving the criminals, weather it is Mr. Arjun Singh, Mr. Sanjay Dutt Or Parliament Attack convict Mohammad Afzal.
Mr. Prime Minister, just wearing a pro-women mask in the name of supporting the Honb’le President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil is not going to fool the poor public.
In short, i request you to please don’t follow double standards in the administration of natural justice, whoever is the convict, must be punished.
Also, law should take its own course. I request you to please stop UPA ministers from subjugating the plea of a harrassed women against HRD minister Arjun Singh.
Thanks & Regards

Hello world!

December 24, 2007

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